About Me

”Everything worth remembering can be captured in a photograph”

I first got into photography as a child because photos deal with something very close to me: memories. My desire was to ‘manipulate’ reality and be able to preserve the image of the people I cared for, in the exact way I saw them, deliberately choosing which aspects to highlight or to abscond. I often remember places and people like they would be in a photograph, framed in a certain way or lit by a certain light. This is what I would like to do for other people too, to be able to save things the way you feel them rather than see them.

These are a few things about me:

  • I am originally from Bacoli, a tiny but highly historic town not far from Naples, Italy;
  • Mother to a lovely one-year-old boy called Leonardo Eli;
  • I have studied Russian and Polish and spent quite some time in Moscow in my 20s. mostly researching the Russian Avant-garde Art;
  • I  am naturally drawn to people’s stories: what makes who they are, what is their purpose… That is why I always prefer an intimate 1-2-1 conversation to big loud crowds;
  • I met my English husband Paul in Los Angeles where we were both living back then. Paul and I have driven from Los Angeles to New York in 2013: still my favourite trip to date;
  • I am a big Tom Waits fan and have a collection of hats, especially men’s hats;
  • I am the creator of a site that provides info and support to all the Italian Mums living in the UK;
My Favourite Things to Capture:

I absolutely love capturing the connection between people: most people have described my photography style as intimate, a definition that I particularly like. I love small, relaxed weddings where the love is tangible and you can really feel the focus is on the love and fun rather than the details. My destination bucket list would include Moscow, Yosemite, Krakow, Italy, Paris.



No good photograph ever comes from people feeling uncomfortable and being forced into a pose they don’t like. So my first priority on the day will be making sure you are comfortable.  I’ll strive to be unintrusive. I will let the events flow naturally. We will create together images that represent who you are.


My Approach




I recently got married myself on our baby’s 1st birthday. To choose my own wedding photographer was by far the most difficult part of the planning for me. It has taught me so much about the type of photographer I want to be in terms of style and, above all, for my couples.


Photo by Victor Lax Photography

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