Category: Testimonials

Laura & Richard
I have just finished showing the last of my friends and family the slide show of our wedding, and wanted to thank you for creating such a beautiful keepsake. Every time I watch it or look at the photos my heart fills up, you captured our day exactly as I want to remember it. I loved your enthusiasm and warm personality just ...
Liane and Obi
Berni, I cannot thank you enough for your time, patience talent & hard work! Your photos were the most precious thing I have from our wedding,  the quality is outstanding and I will treasure these photos forever! I cannot recommend you highly enough! Thank you so much, your amazing at what you do and I wish you every succe ...
Creative Reading Wedding Photographer
Blandine and Alex
The best investment of my wedding. Thank you so much, it was the most perfect, friendly service I have ever experienced! Everything was delivered and more, it's like you could read my mind and knew what I wanted even when I couldn't articulate it! - Blandine & Alex