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…You’ve heard my story, now tell me yours!

I’d love to know everything about your wedding day. I’ve told you my story, now get in touch and tell me yours. Please feel free to ask me anything you like, and tell me something about you, your other half and maybe your own little family. My goal as a photographer is to provide you with the perfect photographs FOR YOU – the more I know about you and your vision for the day, the easier it’ll be for me to capture it…

Besides, you should absolutely drop me a line if:

  • my photography speaks to you. Photography is such a personal thing and it’s so important to feel a connection with the style of the photographer you choose!
  • you want to, but you’re feeling shy. I promise I’m the least intimidating person you’ll ever meet.
  • you’re planning a 20s Gatsby style wedding with lots of candles, jazz music or an adventurous multicultural wedding… That’s where my heart is!
La-di-da la-di-da