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For relaxed couples
who just want to have a great time with those who matter to them.

Is this you?

The thought of getting married is exciting to you, but you don't picture a huge fairy-tale wedding, and that's okay.

The wedding is more about celebrating with your friends and family.

You want your wedding to be personal and meaningful to you, not look like a Pinterest board.

The kind of pictures you want are authentic and honest documentary wedding photos of what your wedding really looked like and felt like.

You want a wedding photographer who blends in and makes the entire process as hassle-free as possible.

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TBC for relaxed couples who just want to have a great time with those who matter to them.



Intimate same-sex wedding at Pitzhanger Manor

Thank you so much, it was the most perfect, friendly service I have ever experienced! Everything was delivered and more, it’s like you could read my mind and knew what I wanted even when I couldn’t articulate it!


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I’m glad you found my website.

I make a point to put all my guests at ease straight away. So grab yourself a comfy chair and a mocha (yes, chocolate lover here!), and join me because we have lots more catching up in store for us.


why choose me?

5 reasons why my couples loved working with me

My promise to you​

No stiff poses, but wedding photos that capture who you are and not how you ‘should’ be.

You can enjoy your loved ones without having to endure long, stressful photo sessions.

Lots of genuine emotion and natural moments.

My Values

I run my business in accordance with my values and beliefs.

Everyone is welcome here

Regardless of your race, disability, religiongenderor sexual orientation, you’ll always be welcome here. I am honoured to specialize in cultural fusion weddings, and I am passionate about showcasing the beauty of diversity


Although I edit my photos carefully and beautifully, I will not use any software to significantly alter the physical appearance of my subjects. That is to make them look slimmer, younger etc. Youre all beautiful as you are, and I want to celebrate that.

Give back

A percentage of each of my wedding bookings will be donated to a charity of your choice. 

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