3 Reasons Why You Should Be Planning Your Wedding Now

If you have missed my previous blog post, I had mentioned how difficult it has been for me and other wedding suppliers to work on our businesses in these unprecedented times. I know from chatting to others, that many couples have been feeling the same way and holding back their wedding planning. Truth is, even in these times, we need to keep chatting about weddings and, in this short blog post, I wanted to try and explain why.

Reason #1: The Joy

Sweet and simple: the joy. If there is something amazing about weddings, it’s the amount of joy that concentrates in one brief day. And more than ever we need that joy and we need to celebrate it and visualise it. Whether your wedding was unluckily postponed or you’re starting to plan it now, it can be a happy memory to keep you going in these difficult times. No, this is not an invite to be a perfectionist! As I often say, your wedding doesn’t have to be the most perfect  flawless day of your life, but what best way to celebrate the end of the lockdown than meet up with your family and friends, celebrate love and party big time?

Reason #2: the practical stuff

Truth is that because lots of couple had to unfortunately postpone their 2020 weddings, us wedding suppliers are quickly getting booked up for 2021 and even 2022. It’s like having two wedding seasons crammed up into one. So even if it looks like there is plenty of time ahead, the truth is that your favourite wedding suppliers might end up being booked for your date of preference. As much as we are distracted by other stuff, this might be a good time to think about who would you like to work with and if you need help with finding the suppliers of your dream, you can always message me for suggestions

wedding couple with some fairy lights and a bike next to them
pregnant bride with bridesmaids

Reason #3: Refocus and redefine the priorities for your wedding

Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to refocus and redefine our priorities a little. This is also true with wedding planning: what are the things that matter the most for you? What would you really like that day to look like? What can you do without and what is absolutely essential to you? Take this time to plan your wedding as an opportunity to instill more meaning in it and make it more ‘you’. If you need some extra help with the planning, feel free to browse all my articles.

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