G+ A – An Elegant Destination Wedding in Verona

Two households, both alike in dignity,  In fair Verona, where we lay our scene…
Nope, wrong story… Sorry, I had to make that joke! (My husband will be so proud now).

Brief Intro

A bit over a week ago, I was lucky enough to be part of an amazing day… You might remember the main characters from this post. What you might not know is how deeply fond I am of these two. Since they booked me last year, I have had the chance to meet Giulia and Andrea a few times. That has provided me with a deeper understanding of their personalities and love for each other. They truly are a happy genuine couple. I honestly feel the photos reflect their personalities and the atmosphere of the wedding so well… The scene was of course set in Italy, in beautiful Verona. I had never been there before and I must say I was very impressed by its beauty. What a gorgeous place to have a wedding! In a very sunny day, Giulia made the most smiling bride in her beautiful unique gown everyone was in love with. In addition to that, the wedding reception took place in the gorgeous family villa which gave it a very personal touch. Overall, it was just the most beautiful, elegant and relaxed wedding one could wish for and I felt so honoured to be there to photograph it. I can never thank enough Giulia and Andrea for trusting me with the big responsibility to create these memories for them. All I can ask for is to work with more couples just like them over and over again. A special thanks to my friend and colleague Kat for being my second shooter and an overall trooper on the day.

And Now Let the Photos Do the Talking…

G + A - An Elegant Destination Wedding in Verona

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