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I’m Berni, a Berkshire wedding photographer specialising in authentic but artistic photos of people who care. I photograph big-hearted couples in all of their genuine glory, documenting your wedding day as it unfolds and capturing all of the love-filled details and moments, without cliché or cheese.

As a child, photography always seemed like a superpower to me. The ability to save things in that split second forever – the people you love, the emotions you’re feeling, the joy on your face, the memory of being totally in the moment – seemed too good to be true. 

But I’m happy to say it is true, every single bit of it, and as an adult, it’s not lost any of its charm or its magic. If anything, every couple I get the honour of working with makes me fall in love with it just a bit more! That’s because first and foremost I’m a people person, and photography is the perfect combination of everything I adore: learning about new cultures, getting to know what makes you you, and helping you embrace and celebrate that brilliance, just as you are. 

When I’m not shooting weddings, you’ll usually be able to find me in the quirky 1930s semi I share with my husband and son, watching movies, reading books, and playing with our mini super Nintendo. Or trying to avoid stepping on the Lego that gets everywhere all the time. 

Some random facts about me


I originally hail from Italy, but have also lived in Russia and LA, where I met my lovely British husband who convinced me to move to Reading. My hometown is called Bacoli – google it, you won’t be disappointed!


I studied Russian and Polish at university (hence the multiple welcomes at the top of the page)


As well as being inspired by people and culture, I love to weave in my lifelong love of art into my work, resulting in photos that pull on your heartstrings and delight your eyes. (My main focus at uni was Russian Modern Art!)


My work’s been featured in the Guardian


I’m a huge Friends geek and fan of Schitt’s Creek (and a poet, apparently…)

My own wedding

intimate & relaxed - just like us

Paul and I got married on a super sunny day in May 2017, in Perugia, Italy – on our son’s first birthday.

Our wedding day was one big celebration of friendship and life. An intimate ceremony surrounded only by our family and closest friends. It was the only time when people from different chapters (and countries!) of our lives spent some time in the same place. Wherever we looked, all we saw was love.
Experiencing my own wedding definitely made me a better photographer, so I’m equipped to capture yours.

Berni cares so much about her work and creating a beautiful story.

She took time to find out about us, our story and what kind of vibe we were looking for.

On the day she was friendly, unobtrusive, caring, thoughtful and captured the happiest day of our life in the most beautiful way.

There are so many wedding photographers out there but Berni is truly exceptional and I can’t recommend her enough. 


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