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Verona - Our Travel Album
Verona – Our Travel Album
Travel Photography of Verona As you might already know, travelling is a big part of my life and something I deeply love. Wherever I go, I bring my camera and try to take a few photos just for myself as both a creative exercise and a simple pleasure. So once in a while, I share a travel album. And even though I am mostly a wedding ...
Destination Wedding Photographer South Africa
On South Africa – Our Travel Album
On South Africa - Our Travel Album No story is ever too easy to tell, but some just simply cannot be put in words. There is so much I wish I could share with you about this two weeks life-changing trip. I really do. I wish I could show you what my eyes were full of; a nature different from every other I have experienced before, th ...
Berni Palumbo Photography - Destination Wedding Photographer - Poland
On Poland – Gdansk and Sopot
On Poland - Gdansk and Sopot Last week I travelled to Poland... for just a day. Like all the best trips, this was pretty much unplanned and I just kind of fell into it. I was invited to join a friend and being myself, I could not say no to an adventure. I studied Polish language and culture for several years while at university an ...
How I Chose my Own Wedding Photographer
The Secret Retreat – Italy Re-discovered
The Secret Retreat - Italy Re-discovered Last week, I experienced something pretty unique. I went back to my country without actually stopping home, but instead, I got to spend a few amazing days with a bunch of very special ladies. The Secret Retreat is a photography business retreat led by three amazing women photographers in co ...