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Let’s face it, the last few days have been tough, with Italy going in a complete lockdown and other countries threatening to follow, we are living in uncertain times. Of course, wedding plans are not an exception and I have already  had a few couples e-mailing me with questions. To make it easier and to reassure everyone, I thought I’d write this little article to share with you all and aswer all the FAQs you might have.

What options do we have?

Option 1: scale down

At the moment, our government is not putting any limit on social gatherings. IF (and I wanna stress  ”if”), that happens, one of the options you have is to simply reduce the number of guests at your wedding. Make it a more intimate event just for close family and friends. In such exceptional circumstances, it’s highly unlikely for anyone’s feelings to get hurt.

Option 2: postpone

For several reasons, you might decide to postpone your wedding date. If that’s the best option for you, make sure you check your wedding insurance first. You can then talk to the other wedding suppliers and check their contractual conditions.  

Insurance (both wedding and travel) is a very confusing subject right now. For more detailed info, take a look at this helpful page on the Money Saving Expert.

Will you still photograph our wedding?

Let’s start with this first. Yes, as long as I am healthy and I am legally allowed to reach the location of your wedding, I 100% will show up and photograph your day. I am super committed to your wedding and whatever happens I will be there to tell the story at the best of my abilities and with the same passion and enthusiasm as always.

So what happens if you're ill?

As you can imagine, this is out of my control and it’s pretty much the only thing that can prevent me from photographing your day for you. This said, I am lucky enough to be part of one of the most supportive industries of the world and, as we speak, photographers all over the UK (and not only) are teaming up to help and cover for each other in times of need. I personally have a strong network of friends/colleagues and, in the event of myself becoming ill, I can ask some really talented photographers to cover for me. I can genuinely vouch for the quality of their work. In short, you will not be left without cover.

What if we have to postpone our wedding?

Should you decide the best option for you is to postpone the wedding to a later date, I will be happy to book you in as long as I have availability for your date of choice. Please get in touch to discuss dates. The contractual terms and the payments will stay the same, but the date will be adjusted. I totally understand this situation to be unprecedented and out of our control, so I am trying to keep things as easy as possible for my couples.

The Client(s) may change the date booked earlier if somebody else has not booked it already. No additional charges apply and written consent is required. The photographer cannot take responsibility in the event when the new date is booked or other responsibilities need to be carrying out on this date. No refunds will be given.

Try not to panic

This is the most difficult bit but let’s all try not too worry too much. Most of you won’t be affected at all and your wedding will go on unaffected. Whatever happens, you will get married and have the most wonderful day with family and loved ones by your side. And I will be there to take the most amazing photos for you! 

Please message me any time if you have questions and need help with any aspect of it!