Covid-19: What can I do for you as a photographer?

In these difficult times for everyone, the wedding industry has taken a huge hit. With most weddings postponed, it’s no secret that us wedding photographers have lost most of our income.  Let’s state this clearly, this is absolutely right and the way to go for everyone’s health, but as wedding suppliers we are still totally heartbroken for our clients and grieving for our own businesses. 

From my chats with fellow small business owners,  I have noticed that some are also going through a sort of identity crisis. We are feeling useless and unmotivated to market any of our services. In a moment where it’s pretty clear who the keyworkers are and how incredibly brave they are (thank you NHS!), who wants to think about something as ‘futile’ as photography?

I personally don’t feel quite like that. I love photography deeply and I believe in the amazing catarthic power of this language. This said, I am still struggling keeping up with the business aspect of it. If you know me, you will know that by nature I am not a salesy person at the best of times, but in this particular time it’s even harder. 

This blog post is the result of my desire to challenge myself and answering the lovely question many of my friends and clients have been asking: what can we do to support your business?

So here we go… I have come up with a few services I can provide during this crisis at a special discounted rate valid throughout the lockdown only.

1. I can teach you to take better photos

Let me start saying, this where my heart has been the most during the lockdown. As someone with previous teaching experience, my first reaction at the lockdown has been to offer free photography lessons for people self-isolating. This spontaneous idea has quickly grown in a lovely facebook group with weekly lessons on the basics of photography held online in the weekends and has been even mentioned in The Guardian/Observer!

  • The Offer  

You are welcome to attend the free lessons available to everyone, but if you’d like to support my business you can:

– Make a small donation through my paypalme link in my group

– Book a one-hour individually tailored photography lesson for you at a highly reduced price: £99 instead of £200!

2. I can design and provide beautiful family and wedding albums

Another great service I am still able to provide from home. If you had a shoot/wedding with me or would simply like an album with all the photos of your children and family but don’t know where to start. I am here to rescue you! Trust me if I say designing albums is one of the most time-consuming activities. I have the right professional tools and experience to design one for you.

  • The Offer: 

– You can now purchase my album designing services for an incredible £50. 

– If you decide to purchase an album, the design is included for free. Album prices now go as low as £150 (!) for a family album. Email me for a pricing brochure.

3. I can offer you gift vouchers

When this will be over (and it will be), photography will be more important than ever. Why not celebrating purchasing a gift voucher that you can use later? Or maybe gifting it to someone else?

  • The Offer: 

–  you can purchase a gift voucher for you or someone else for a 2 hours portrait or branding session for a discounted price of £150 instead of the usual £250.

This includeds: family, children, pregnancy or a branding session for a small business 

4. I can help you with your business

Least but not last, I can help you with a power hour session on your small business. Whether is chatting about branding, looking at your website or some CC of your portfolio, I have been doing this long enough to be able to provide you with some helpful tips.

  • The Offer:

– Book a mentoring session now and get a special price of £99 for one hour power session. 

In our session I will share all my knowledge freely and openly. 

Get in touch now,  I’d love to help you grow!

4. I'd like to help but I can't afford it

You know what?  That’s okay too. We are all in this together and most of us are struggling.  If you’d like to help me, but can’t afford to purchase any of my services. Here are a few FREE options for you:

– You can leave me a Google review or a Facebook review. It’s a simple thing, but it goes a long way in terms of helping my little business.

– You can engage with my social media posts and help me spread the word for my services.

– You can keep recommend me to everyone who is getting married in 2021 and I will be grateful to you for ever.

Interested in any of the above offers?
Let's chat!

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