Destination Couple & Wedding Photography

Hello! My name is Berni and I am an Italian destination wedding photographer currently based in England. Having lived in four different countries, travelling and photography are such an important part of my life (you can read everything in my about me section). It’s no surprise then, I  enjoy photographing destination wedding and couple sessions abroad. Over the last few years, I had the opportunity to travel and photograph in some beautiful locations in my country and elsewhere

Castellabate Destination Wedding PhotographerCastellabate Destination Wedding Photographer

Why a Destination Wedding?

When it came to organising our own wedding, we too opted for a destination one. We loved the idea that everyone would be travelling to a new place and have a different experience. Destination weddings are great because they combine the excitement of a mini-holiday with the happiness of a wedding. The celebration often spans over a few days and people get to know each other and become friends even before the wedding itself.

What I love about destination weddings is that they allow me to experiment. In my photography, I always strive to produce something natural, but slightly different and a bit artsy. Having a different environment allows me to do that easily while connecting with your story and the location.


How I Approach Destination Wedding Photography

I always arrive a couple of days before the wedding, to avoid any possible stress with delayed flights and familiarise myself with the location. If you want to make the best of your chosen location, I am always up for a couple session either the day before the wedding or the day after, when the stress of the day’s gone.  Also, if you are having a small catch-up the night before, I would love to bring my camera there. That usually is a massive help for people to become acquainted with me, and as a result more comfortable having their photos taken on the wedding.

My price for destination weddings is £1850, which includes all the digital files and travel expenses (no extra hidden costs!). Of course, you can add some extras such as a second photographer or an album, if you like.

Bucket List: Can you Help me Tick Off One of these Locations?

If you are planning an Italian wedding, nothing would make me happier than telling your story there seeing my country through your eyes. I would particularly love to photograph a wedding in Matera, Venice and everywhere in Umbria and Tuscany. The list of places I’d love to photograph is much longer:

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