La Sartoria

‘La Sartoria’ – Brand Shoot in Reading

As a photographer, virtually every space you walk in is like a temple. You have to be aware of the context and always respectful of what people there are doing. You have to try to be invisible while fitting in somehow. This brand shoot was no exception.

I walked in the gorgeous lab that is ‘La Sartoria’ and was absolutely mesmerized by the colors, the tools, and all the expert hands skilfully handling each piece. As someone who cannot even saw, I am in absolute awe with Ilenia, the owner of this little piece of Italy in Reading. Before meeting in person, I had read about Ilenia in a small blog about Italians living abroad. I was impressed with her background which goes from generations of tailors in Sardinia up to the high fashion world in the US.

Because of that, I was absolutely honored to realize this brand shoot for them. Having grown up in my grandparents’ grocery shop, ‘La Sartoria’ felt a bit like home to me. Besides the cozy atmosphere of a family-like business, I loved the multicultural women-only staff.

If you are a bride-to-be looking for someone to do your bridal dress adjustments, don’t look any further. I honestly don’t think you could find anyone more knowledgeable and more experienced than Ilenia is in her field.

On the other hand, if you own a business and would like your story to be told in a similar style, please talk to me: berni@bernipalumbo.com.