Lyndsey Clark Boutique – On Brand Shoots and Why to Have One

Lyndsey Clark Boutique – On Brand Shoots and Why to Have One

When I met Lyndsey around four years ago, I was impressed by her creativity and style. In addition to that, she also happens to have an amazing personality. An interesting combination of shy awkward smiles and a really funny sense of humour. Fast forward to nowadays, Lyndsey and I are good friends and have collaborated on a few photoshoot. Needless to say, I was truly delighted to take the following brand photos for her. I am pretty happy with the result and I feel like it perfectly displays Lyndsay’s personality.

To me, brand shoots are all about representing what people do realistically and give a sense of who they are to their potential customers. For this reason, I would usually go to people’s workplace/studio and just keep things easy. Trying to let them do their thing and be who they are. They say people don’t buy what you do, but why you do it. A brand shoot can dramatically increase your brand awareness and help you attract the right people for your business.

If you own a small business or would love to launch it, you might want to consider having something similar. Contact me to find out more.


On Lyndsey Clark Boutique


In Lyndsey’s own words:

I specialize in bespoke couture corsetry and bridal wear for all shapes and sizes, creating fantasy dresses affordably, and ethically.
Every Lyndsey Clark Boutique item is lovingly handmade by me. I am a gushy sentimental type at heart; I love to incorporate beautifully unique and sentimental details into every item. It is my favourite bit; making every single item unique to it’s wearer. So whether it be wedding vows/ poetry/ song lyrics/ photos of your French bulldog printed onto the fabric, or parts of a loved ones favourite shirt, spliced into the panels; I cherish these details, I call it ‘scrapbook couture’, and it guarantees that the final item will not only be unique, but it will be precious to you. I feel very passionately about recycling, and I use recycled materials in my designs wherever possible and appropriate. I actively work to encourage redesign of old items. As of March 2017 I live on a narrowboat; my electricity comes from solar panels. The production of your wedding dress will literally be powered by sunshine. If that isn’t a USP I don’t know what is!