On South Africa – Our Travel Album

On South Africa – Our Travel Album

No story is ever too easy to tell, but some just simply cannot be put in words. There is so much I wish I could share with you about this two weeks life-changing trip. I really do. I wish I could show you what my eyes were full of; a nature different from every other I have experienced before, the red soil, the strong smell of the ocean coming up to our small balcony in Cape Town. The light… That light. The struggles of a country with a very complex history I have been trying to learn about while I was there.

I was walking around thinking ‘I want to capture all of this, I want to tell this story’. So I tried, with my camera. But every story is only a small fragment of a bigger picture. Every story has more to say about the narrator than about the story itself. So this it. This is and can only be, my individual perception of South Africa.  Our personal travel album. And more than ever I hope images speak for themselves.

I am also aware that there are way too many photos for any viewer to not get bored. Yet I hope someone will go through all of them and enjoy what I am so grateful to have witnessed in person. When I was a child my father travelled to South Africa for work. He brought back many photos from that short trip. Those images have stayed with me for all these years. They have also been a big inspiration behind this trip. I hope my photos can do something similar for my child. Inspire him to connect with places that can look far from what we know.

In conclusion, I should probably mention that while there, I was also lucky to photograph a beautiful couple. If you would like to take a look at that photo session in the heart of Cape Town, please click here. And if you are getting married in South Africa and like my style, I would be absolutely honoured to have the opportunity to capture your story.

Berni x

Chapter 1: Pretoria

Chapter 2: Pilanesberg Safari

Chapter 3: Cape Town

Chapter 4: Table Mountain

Chapter 5: Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope

Chapter 6: Boulder Beach

Chapter 7: Delheim Winery

Chapter 8: That Golden Light Though…