Rain on your Wedding Day

Rain on your Wedding Day

There is a saying in Italy – as in many other cultures, I am sure – that if it rains on your wedding day, you’re going to be a sposa fortunata, ”a lucky bride.” Rain is possibly the one fear most brides and grooms share about their wedding day. In fact, rain is supposed to automatically ruin the party… But does it though?

As a wedding photographer in England, rain is obviously something I have to face quite often: so how should you prepare if it rains on your wedding day? Especially, but not only, from the point of view of the photographs? Here are some tips that might help in case of a rainy wedding day.

Bride lift up by friends on a rainy wedding day, detail of the wet wedding shoes

1. Be Prepared

It’s absolutely key that you consider the possibility of rain when choosing your wedding venue. Especially, if you’re planning a wedding in a beautiful garden or something similar. If you’re planning a destination wedding in a super sunny country… Don’t just count on that! Always ask the venue what their plan B would be in case of rain. Believe it or not, when we were planning our own destination wedding in Italy, not all the venues were prepared in case of rain and their options were merely disappointing in some cases.

Rain in a pool on a wedding day

2. The Photos

Rain doesn’t have to be ugly, it can be very pretty (and it is!). If you’re afraid your wedding photos won’t look good, don’t be scared and just simply go with it. Trust your photographer: it’s an absolute must to get good photos.

I am a firm believer that one can take wonderful photos in the most unexpected conditions. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this.

More often than not, I recommend taking some photos outdoors in spite of the rain… It doesn’t have to be a long session and you don’t have to get soaking wet, but it can make a difference for the quality of the photos.

If you worry about your dress or the shoes, what about getting some colourful wellies to wear under or a pretty umbrella that can be included in the photos? Some couples even gift their guests with branded umbrellas with their initials and/or the date of the wedding.

As for the wedding dress, we’re all aware they are beautiful and so delicate, but it’s not like you will be wearing it again, right? 😉

Rain in a wedding venue

3. ”Let it Be…”

Ultimately, all I can say is: if it rains on your wedding day, just embrace it. I have written this before, it does not matter how much effort you put into the planning, your wedding day just won’t go exactly as you imagined it. There is always someone that won’t show up last minute, a few delays or who knows what else… Truth is that’s ok and that’s what makes the day unique and beautiful.

Every wedding is different and those little imperfections are what makes the wedding interesting and fun to remember. Rain is only a problem if you make it an issue. Just go with it. It won’t spoil the fun and your photographer will make sure to include it as part of the story.

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