S. & L. – A Pregnancy Session in Reading

I first got into photography, so I could take beautiful emotive photos of the people I cared for. This is one of those sessions that sends me back to that very first feeling. Silvia and Luca are a beautiful happy couple expecting a baby girl. They are also close friends of mine, therefore it was a true joy to capture these special moments for them.

It made me think that photography is not only about preserving moments but also about celebrating them. In this case, we were celebrating a new life for them both,  and a new future ahead. We were celebrating what a blessing is to be able to create a whole new person and what a privilege it is to become a parent. Baby Chiara – Italian for ‘bright’, ‘clear’- is expected at the end of next month and we could not be any happier to meet her.

On a different note, I really love how these photos have turned out. Lately, I have been holding my sessions in the town centre. I am really enjoying that as it has allowed me to look at Reading with fresh eyes. It has provided me with the opportunity to experiment with places I’ve often taken for granted. That’s really refreshing.

If you’re pregnant and would like to celebrate with some photos in a similar style, drop me a line berni@bernipalumbo.com or contact me here.