A beautiful February Wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Looking back at this beautiful February wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral from the very unusual perspective of self-isolation, I realise even more how much I enjoyed photographing it! These photos and this wedding means to me so much, especially considering this is going to be one of the last weddings I photograph for a few months.

Not your usual bride and groom

TK and Bradley got in touch for the first time at the end of 2018, that means a bit over a year before their 2020 wedding. As I often do with my couples, we met in person at a local café. After just a brief chat, I knew they were my kinda couple. With Bradley in charge of most of the planning, they were both genuinely focused on creating a relaxed celebration for them and their guests. A day that was authentic to who they were and far from any current trend in the wedding industry. Being in touch for a bit longer, has allowed me to be more involved in the planning than usual. And because of that we managed to develop a connection. Needless to say I now consider them friends and, being the lovely people they are, they even whatsapp me sometimes just to send me a virtual hug in case I need one (I mean, how sweet is that?!).

There are a few things that make this couple not your usual bride and groom and, some of them will be apparent as soon as you scroll down through the photos. But aside all the esthetical choices, I just want to stress they are two of the kindest, sweetest, most generous people I have ever met.

The wedding outfits

Let’s start with the outfit choice: the gorgeous garments were realised by my dear friend Lyndsey from Lyndsey Clark Boutique with headpieces by Adrienne Henry Millinery. What makes them really special is that they were actively co-designed by the couple as a homage to TK’s own heritage. In accord with the Chinese nuptial tradition, the bride was wearing a red gown with golden inserts but the shape was inspired by the Western tradition: a lovely way to integrate both her roots. On the blue inserts on the corset, Bradley initials were inserted and even the choice of jewellery had a special personal meaning for TK. 

The wedding invite was handpainted by Bradley’s mum in line with the wedding theme. While the beautiful origami bouquet was handmade by the groom as a gift to his spouse.

The venues

The ceremony was held in the crypt at St. Paul’s Cathedral, followed by some drinks at the rooftop restaurant at the Madison and a reception at the beautiful Skinners’ Hall.

The wedding ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral

There is no doubt that St. Paul’s is one of the most spectacular venues one can imagine getting married in. From a photographer’s point of view though, the cathedral offers a few challenges. There are very strict limitations on what photographers are allowed to do in the crypt (where most ceremonies happen), while the cathedral is of course always very busy with tourists and general public.

This said it was such an incredible experience for me and my lovely second-shooter Kat. The cathedral staff was nothing but super friendly and polite and the atmosphere was just magic.

The rooftop restaurant at the Madison

After the ceremony, the guests went on to spend a few hours in the beautiful Madison rooftop restaurant at St. Paul’s. The view was absolutely breathtaking and gave us the opportunity to take a few beautiful couple portraits from the terrace.

Speeches & First Dance at Skinners’ Hall

The atmospheric Skinners’ Hall was TK and Bradley’s location of choice for their wedding breakfast. Having met each other through tango lessons, it was only to expect that the first dance had to be incredible. With all their tango friends joining in, it really felt like a scene out of a movie. It was a perfect ending to a beautiful day and likely one of the smoothest, most enjoyable events I have ever photographed.

Berni is a magnificent wedding photographer! She and Kat (second shooter) provided friendly expertise without ever feeling like they were intruding on the day.

I hate having my photo taken but Berni’s professionalism and efficiency totally minimised the anxieties I had. She was able to capture the lines, and compensate for the different lighting and weather at three different venues throughout the day. The snaps we’ve seen so far are amazing and I cannot wait for the rest. They already captured the heart, laughter, love, and talents of everyone who helped make the day.

She met with us before the day, gathered intel about who we wanted photographing, did recon on the venues (she even came to our rehearsal!) and even dealt with all the restrictions of St Paul’s.

Berni is responsive, reliable, personable, and immensely talented. I am very lucky to call her a friend! Thank you, you talented saucy woman, you’re awesome!



Their Dream Team (in random order)

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