My Summer Minis are Here!

My Summer Minis are Here!

…So you have been dying to have your photos taken but do not know what to expect and keep postponing. You think (in no particular order):

  • You will be camera shy and everything will quickly turn awkward…
  • The kids will not behave and will start running around (as they should!)
  • You are not even sure these photos will mean something to you: ok for family photos, but does one even need pregnancy photos or couples photos?
  • Are my phone snaps not enough after all?
  • -Insert another random worry-

If you have recognised yourself in the above, it might be time for you to try to get in front of the camera. My response is yes, you do! You do need those photos of yourself, those memories of your kids, or you both casually interacting with them, a visual testimony of your pregnancy and that bump you will barely remember after.

We’re not talking the awkward posed old-style photos, we’re talking beautiful reportage photos of your everyday life, only better.

You do need that photo for the time you will forget how damned lucky you are to have what you have (we all forget time-to-time). You will need to look at those natural smiles, those little gestures, those expressions that meant the world to you for when you feel the need to stop the daily routine and just be thankful. It is as simple as that, really.

My summer minis are perfect for this.

Amazing price! (only £150 instead of my usual £450!!!) Quick enough to be painless,  yet you will receive a good number of photos, enough to help you remember, enough to decorate your walls or to go in a frame on your desk at work, or simply on your phone wallpaper (why not?) to put a smile on your face whenever you look at it.

Think about it, 30 minutes is barely enough time to get uncomfortable. Stop just being curious and talk to me: berni@bernipalumbo.com, or contact me here.

Time to make some memories together!

Terms & Conditions

  • £150 instead of  £450!
  • 30 minutes
  • Can be a couple, family or pregnancy photo session
  • The mini-sessions will be held in central Reading
  • ONE day only: 19.08.2017.