Verona – Our Travel Album

Travel Photography of Verona

As you might already know, travelling is a big part of my life and something I deeply love. Wherever I go, I bring my camera and try to take a few photos just for myself as both a creative exercise and a simple pleasure. So once in a while, I share a travel album. And even though I am mostly a wedding photographer, I find that travel photography displays so well how I see things and it’s a nice way to share something personal with you.

This time I am bringing you to Verona. I’m always happy when I get to see another part of my own country. After moving back to Europe from the United States in 2013, I promised myself to explore more of Italy. My work has provided me with this  opportunity a few times already. This time, I ended up in Verona to photograph a beautiful wedding (take a look here).

It was my first time there and I was very impressed with Verona’s elegant beauty and atmosphere. I brought a few really positive memories back with me, especially of the people I met. I was really lucky to meet some genuinely kind people while there. From the hairdresser who shared her life and struggles with me and who did my hair for FREE (!) on the wedding day; to the people in the cafe where my colleague and I used to go to brainstorm. You know a trip has been good, when you have lovely memories of the people you met.

Overall, I fell in love with this city and I am hoping to get the opportunity to be back soon. I would absolutely love to photograph another wedding or a couple session there, so if you are looking for a destination photographer take a look at my portfolio abroad.