Photographer Mentoring

Hello! If you’re here, chances are you already know who I am and you are familiar with my work as a wedding and branding photographer. The thing is I think I know one or two things about you too.

You love photography and you just cannot get enough of looking at beautiful images. Maybe you have long wished to be able to recreate something similar. At some point, you took a leap of faith and even invested in a nice camera with a lens… But after the initial rush of adrenaline and enthusiasm, here you are now disheartened and stuck with a business you love but you don’t know how to develop further.

How do I know that? Because I have been there myself. In my case, photography has always been my dream career but I had to face lots of setbacks before making it a reality. I have been a professional photographer for 7 years now – and I made every possible mistake one can make when I started out, believe me. Name one – I have made it.

This is exactly why I am now in the position to help you avoid most of them and save you some time and money.

Don't take my word for it...

What I can do for you

portfolio and/or website review

Finding your Light and style

nail your brand and find your ideal client

Improve your Workflow

Get that look you love

Marketing basics

Post Production / Editing / Software

Pricing where to start



Power Hour

1 hour, 1 SUBJECT
£ 250
  • A targeted 1 hour session on Skype or in person to chat about one subject of your choice
  • Ideal for photographers who are struggling with a specific aspect of their business and would like to get my expertise

Half Day

Half Day
£ 450
  • Half a day (3 hours) in person in Central Reading to chat about everything you like
  • Ideal for photographers who are just starting out and would like to cover several aspect of the photography business

The Boot Camp

full day
£ 850
  • A full immersion (6 hours) in person in Reading to cover everything you need, both business and technical aspects
  • A location shoot with me where we work together to create beautiful images
  • Ideal for photographers who are invested in their business and would like a more hands-on approach

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