Full day coverage starts at £1500, but I also offer pay-by-hour packages for registry weddings and shorter coverage. Contact me for a detailed pricing brochure.


Portrait sessions are £250 and include your high-resolution photos, beautifully edited, downloadable from an online gallery.


If you like what you have seen, just drop me a line at berni@bernipalumbo.com or go on my contact page and we can set up a time to talk on Skype or meet up in person. Don’t over think it, we will just have a lovely chat with no strings attached 😉

Yes, a non-refundable booking fee is required in advance for both photo session and weddings. I cannot consider the date reserved until that payment has been done and the contract signed.

  • Photo session

About 4 weeks.

  • Weddings

I will email you a first preview quickly. For all the photos, within 8 to 12 weeks from your big day.

Yes, I do! Travelling is a bit part of my life and my bucket list is so long. From Crakow to Los Angeles, Matera to Yosemite, I have a long list of destinations I would like to cover as a wedding photographer. Being Italian myself, I would particularly love to get involved in your big fat Italian wedding. So if you are planning something like that, please do get in touch and who knows I might even be able to provide you with some help with the planning.

Yes, and they are absolutely stunning and handmade in the UK.  I am looking forward to showing you some samples on our first meeting.

How you display your photographs is so important.  Nowadays, we are used to always looking at them on a screen, but a nice frame or a beautiful album might simply tell the story better.

You can view the range of products I offer in the gallery here. I am always working on offering new products to my customers, so please check this page regularly.


I offer albums because I cannot stress enough my love for printed photos and what it is like to see your whole story beautifully printed on paper. Since a very young age, I have been obsessed with family photos (my own and my friends’) and I remember every detail of my parents’ embossed leather album… I have looked at it so often!

It took me a long time to decide which products to offer and which suppliers to use. I wanted my products to represent everything I love about photography. I wanted them to have a timeless look, great quality, and an excellent customer service.

  • Fine Art Photo Books

My Fine Art Albums are completely handmade in UK. I love their classy look, the beautiful paper they are printed on, and the delicate cover colour choices.

  • Folio

The Folio makes for a beautiful alternative to the traditional frame and an ideal gift. With two or three images. Available in 6×6″ and 8×8″. Choose from linen or leatherette covers in a wide range of colours.

  • Storybook

Ideal for family, pregnancy and engagement shoots, these beautiful storybooks are available in linen or leatherette and in a variety of pretty colours.

I love telling beautiful stories. Whether you are looking for a family session, or some couple photos, include the grandparents or tell the story of your pregnancy, I am here to document that. Intimate weddings are hands down my favourite, but I am also available for headshots and small events.

Yes, I do. Would like to learn how to take better photos of your children or grandchildren, or just want to learn more about photography? Or maybe you are a small business owner and just want to learn how to photograph your products beautifully and easily? Or if you are an aspiring photographer who wants to have a portfolio review or just chatting more about it all, please do get in touch.I promise I am the least intimidating person ever. Email me for a pricing brochure:, I have very limited availability: berni@bernipalumbo.com.