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We all know that art pieces – such as the Gioconda or Van Gogh’s Starry Night – are simply invaluable. They are so unique and unrepeatable that one simply cannot put a price tag on them. In hindsight, so are our memories.

Your memories are invaluable. They make up a big chunk of our identity, so why not invest in them? Your photographs are part of that legacy and what your children and grandchildren will look at several times in the future.

Investing in an album to display your wedding photos is an investment in your memories.


Folio albums are handmade with great care right here in the UK. I love that all packaging is environmentally friendly, whilst all leathers used are chosen for durability and sourced from manufacturers with strict animal welfare policies.


With each page measuring approximately 0.5mm thick, the Fine Art Book has a wonderful flexible feel when turning from page to page.

The Fine Art Book is hand-bound and the finest quality cover materials, papers and inks are used.

Images are printed directly on to the page and each double spread opens out flat with an almost invisible crease so your photographic art can be displayed across two pages.


This handcrafted Matted Albums elevate the traditional album form to a new level.

Your prints are expertly mounted beneath precision-cut bevelled mats. Each aperture becomes a frame through which the viewer can take time to fully appreciate images in turn. Each page consists of six, hand assembled, layers, measuring a substantial 2.5mm in thickness. The albums lie flat and are trimmed flush for a perfect finish.

To learn more about these two products and their differences, watch these short videos.


Mini Copies are a really lovely way  to thank family, friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen. They’re direct copies of your larger albums and are made in exactly the same way, with the same high quality materials and to the same exacting standards. They even come cocooned in a cotton bag and in their own presentation box.

As they’re so portable, Mini Copies let recipients easily share your images with other family and friends and relive the special day. They’re keepsakes to cherish forever.

Many couples also like a Mini Copy for themselves. It means they, and other people, can look through their photos again and again while their larger heirloom album is put away for safekeeping.

The Mini Copies are 6×6 inches  duplicates of your larger albums. You can order them at the same time as a main album or for up to two months afterwards.



Using a laser your text or bespoke motif is engraved in to the cover material. The process works by removing the top layer of the material to reveal the natural hues underneath. Engraving is available on most materials.


Some might call it blind blocking or stamping, but it’s all the same magical process. Using traditional methods, letters are pressed into the cover without ink or foil for an elegant, classic presentation that’s wonderful to the touch. Blind debossing is mostly available on Contemporary Leather and Purity cover material ranges.


You’ll be amazed at just how far foil stamping has come. The team uses heat to transfer metallic foil to our albums for an eye-catching enhancement. Foil debossing is available on a limited range of materials. Available in gold and silver.


Matted Album

£ 650
  • 10 x 10 inches luxury handcrafted album
  • First 30 pages included
  • Lay flat binding
  • Each photo individually framed
  • Art White – 200gsm traditional fine art paper
  • Extra thick pages
  • Cover of your choice (including leather or silk)
  • Cover personalization of your choice
  • A natural 100% cotton bag
  • Eco kraft paper presentation box
  • Album design: 2 proofs

Fine Art Book

£ 450
  • 10x10 inches handmade album
  • First 20 pages included
  • Lay flat binding with an almost invisible crease
  • Art White – 200gsm traditional fine art paper
  • Cover in high quality 100% cotton material
  • Cover personalization of your choice
  • A natural 100% cotton bag
  • Eco kraft paper presentation box
  • Album design: 2 proofs

Adds on

  • Extra pages: 1 spread (2 pages) for £15, 5 spreads (10 pages) for £50
  • Cover upgrade: silk £25, genuine leather £35
  • Upgrade to next size up (10x10 inches or 12x12 inches): £75
  • Mini copies (for parents or friends): 1 x £150, 2 x 250



The design process is included in the price of the album. This means that I will personally design the layout of your album of choice. 

Many couples find it hard to make a selection among hundreds of photos they love. To speed up the process using my experience, I design the album myself and submit it to you for approval. 

I typically use an average of 4 images per spread, so for a standard 15-spread album this would equate to a maximum of 60 images. I have found this number produces the best designs and gives your images the space to look truly amazing!

It’s important to design an album which includes as many of your favourite images as possible but also will flow really well and tell the story of your beautiful day.


Once the selection is done, I will then send you a proof, which is a preview of what the spreads will look like. Here, you will be able to make some detailed notes in order for me to make further amendments.

Usually, it takes one round of amendments, but just in case, I have included another round so we can get things just right.

Each additional round is charged £60.